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ThreeBond Polyether Amine Carbon Cleaner 120ml


  • Model: Threebond
  • 10 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: ThreeBond

ThreeBond Polyether Amine Carbon Cleaner 120ml

Works on all types of gasoline engines to clean the deposits in the intake system and combustion chamber.
This product is expected to improve drivability, reduce exhaust emission and improve fuel economy.

Add to petrol tank.
For gasoline vehicle - 30L gasoline tank add 1 bottle
For motorcycles - use 1/4 bottle (30ml) for every 5-10L tank
Fill up the tank as soon as possible after adding this product
After the first addition, it is recommended to use the product every 3,000km to maintain the continuous effect.

Do not mix with other additives. It may cause malfunction.

DO NOT use on diesel vehicles.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 April, 2022.